About Us

We believe well-made clothes, hand-crafted by a maker in your local community

In 2017 we started to envision A New Way...

A New Way to design, make and sell clothing, built on a foundation of a vibrant fashion community of women, seamstresses and designers all motivated to share a new approach to women’s fashion. 


Our approach was to cast aside the industrialised, fast-fashion supply chain and carve out a new path that was built on generations of women before us, 'our grandmothers and great-grandmothers' who collaborated with local seamstresses to hand craft wardrobe pieces that met their precise fit, fabrication, and lifestyles needs. 


Wevour is a return to the tradition of wardrobe collaboration with local makers to handcraft clothing, that is enhanced with all the technology, ease and convenience of online shopping. 


Welcome To A New Way

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